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Top Selected Cases For Your New iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Max

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The iPhone 12, like all Apple products, is a work of art. Unlike many competitors, this is not a “all show, no go” type of product. This 5G enabled, A14 Bionic with its max-size OLED display, and night mode camera has the chops to outperform its sleek Apple look. When you’ve finally acquired this pièce de résistance in mobile technology, you’re not going to want to drop it. More than likely, you’re going to want an iPhone case that will not only protect your precious investment (let’s be honest… iPhones are not cheap), but also looks like a million dollars.

We’ve gotten together and compiled a list, in no particular order, of twenty of our favorite iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max cases currently out there. Let’s jump right in and help you figure out which of these is the perfect case for you. Let us know in the comments below which one shouts “This is ME!”

Tech21 EVO Clear Case

If you’re a minimalist and purist about Apple’s design aesthetics, then Tech21 EVO Clear case is the case for you. This clear case covers up none of the beauty that you’ve come to know and love with Apple. Enjoy your new iPhone 12 in its full glory while still enjoying the scratch-resistant 3m (about 10 feet) drop protection. Keep the cooties away while you use this phone, thanks to the antimicrobial material Tech21 is known for. If you like it simple, clean, and pure, look no further than this case. It is refreshingly understated, allowing your brand new iPhone 12 to shine in all its Apple-esque glory. The Tech21 Pure Clear case is available for purchase for at Tech21’s website or on Amazon.

Nomad Rugged Case

The masculine elegance of the Nomad Rugged case will attract the gentleman in you or your significant other. Made with genuine Horween leather from one of America’s oldest tanneries, this case comes in three classic colors (rustic brown, black, and natural). This case is minimalist but doesn’t compromise on durability. With its full rubber frame and wrap-around TPE bumper, you’ll get 10 ft drop protection and a case that gracefully ages with a patina and handsome manly character that is unique to you. The Nomad Rugged case may be purchased at the Nomad Goods website for $49.95. You can also get it for slightly less through Amazon.

Catalyst Vibe Series Case

The Catalyst Vibe Series case has a rugged, almost tactical feel to it and comes in two colors: Stealth Black and Army Green. If the Nomad Rugged case is a cowboy, the Catalyst Vibe Series case is a SWAT officer. It’s tough, allowing you to drop your phone from a height of 10 feet without busting up your new iPhone. A handy feature of this case is the 4-point Crux Attachment system that allows you to customize your case with a range of accessories to fit your style and by default comes with a free lanyard, which, when combined with the high-performance tactile grip, ensures that you won’t be testing that 10 feet limit often. You can purchase the Catalyst Vibe Series case directly from the Catalyst website for $39.99 or through Amazon.

Pitaka MagEZ Case

It takes just two words to sufficiently describe the look of the Pitaka MagEZ case: Carbon Fiber. If you’re into race cars and luxury, the Pitaka MagEZ case gives the Formula I vibe you’re going for. While it is not actually made of true carbon fiber (which you wouldn’t want anyway, as it would block your phone signal), the aerospace-grade aramid fiber certainly has the look and the necessary 10 ft drop protection. A really cool feature of this case is the magnetic strip that is embedded into the case, allowing you to use any Qi-certified wireless chargers, including the MagEZ magnetic chargers, as well as magnetically attach the MagEZ Card Sleeve to hold your credit cards. Some other nice features include elevated bonded rings to protect your camera lenses and a nice tactile 3D grip. You have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from to truly make this your own. If you feel the need for speed, then get the Pitaka MagEZ for $49.99 on either their website or through Amazon.

Speck Presidio2 Pro Case

If you find yourself to be particularly clumsy, you might gravitate toward the 13 ft. drop protection and scratch resistance offered by the Speck Presidio2 Pro case. Speck is a very respected name in the mobile phone case arena and this latest case is no exception when it comes to the quality you’ve come to expect from this brand. Unlike the more masculine look and feel of the previous cases covered so far, this case is more conservatively neutral and unisex in nature and differs in that it features a soft-touch coating that feels world’s apart from the harder, colder textures of the previous cases. Other features include Microban antimicrobial protection, which reduces bacterial growth by 99%, as well as scratch-resistance and an integrated air-cushioning design that helps absorb the shock of a high falls. If you’re accident prone, this case can be yours for $44.95 at either the Speck website or on Amazon.

Razer Arctech Pro Case

As with all things Razer, the 5G compatible Razer Arctech Pro case was designed with the gamer in mind. Aside from the drop protection, reinforced side panels, and the anti-bacterial coating, what sets this case apart as one created for gamers is the Thermaphene cooling technology. The case has a thermally conductive layer that pulls heat away from the phone through vented channels. With this heat efficiently dispersed, the chance of enduring a CPU shutdown during a critical moment of your game is significantly reduced. Say goodbye to frustrating lag and stutter caused by your phone overheating. In typical gaming fashion, the bright green on black color theme makes a bold statement and is a must-have for anyone who plans to do some intense gaming on their new iPhone 12. If this is you, find your dream case over at the Razer website for $44.99 or at Amazon for the same price.

Twelvesouth BookBook Case

Bookworms and scholars, you are going to love the BookBook iPhone case from Twelve South. It is a folio style case (with the added bonus of being able to remove the folio portion when you want to carry simply the included phone shell case) that looks exactly like a small old leather-bound book. Every aspect of this phone case shouts quality, from the premium leather to the incorporated wallet-like features. Strong magnets hold the phone shell in place as well as keeps this folio case securely shut. If you need to take a conference call or want to watch your favorite movie, you’ll appreciate the integrated kickstand feature. Additionally, since this case looks so convincingly like a real book instead of an expensive iPhone, one might consider this a security feature. At $69.99, this is not an inexpensive case, but it exudes quality and well worth every penny. If you’re ready to curl up to a good BookBook, you can buy yours on the Twelvesouth website.

Moment Case

Creators will gravitate toward this case. While the protection level of this case is not as high (it’s rated at 6 ft instead of the typical 10 ft of the majority of cases featured on this article), the ability to easily mount various Moment M-Series lenses may outweigh this fact. Grab the optional wrist strip for a little added fall security when filming that awkward shot. Another positive feature of the case is the inclusion of an array of MagSafe system compatible magnets. When choosing a Moment case, you will have a variety of colors and designs to choose from, including integrated walnut wood and even canvas. If the ability to quickly and securely add camera lenses is important to you, then you’ll want this case before you start producing your first short film using your new iPhone 12. Pick the one right for you at the Moment website for just $49.99.

EFM Cayman Case

Hardcore techies needing the milk every bit of 5G out of the new iPhone 12 will consider the EFM Cayman with D30 5G Signal Plus case a must have accessory. These cases are thinner and made with a low permittivity material, allowing a stronger signal to pass through the case. In addition to D30 material, the case also has a polycarbonate backplate with an anti-scratch and anti-UV coating. Can you drop this? Oh yes. Drop-tested from 6 m high (about 18 ft), the EFM Cayman case is one of the toughest cases on the market. If you’re insistent on getting the most 5G signal out of your new phone, this is the case for you. Get yours from their site for $69.95.

Nimble Disc Case

If saving the environment is important to you, you might find the Nimble Disc case intriguing. After all, it’s the only iPhone 12 case in the world that is made from recycled compact discs (CDs). This is a slim, clear case that is drop test certified to 6 ft, is scratch-resistant, and provides antimicrobial protection The case is also MagSafe & Qi Wireless Charging compatible. If the 3 Rs (Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling) is your mantra, then what’s not to love? This is a no-brainer for the environmentalist in you. You’ll find your Nimble Disc case on the Nimble website for $39.95.

Smartish Kung Fu Grip Case

This iPhone case has the best name of the bunch. The Smartish Kung Fu Grip case is similar in visual aesthetics to the Speck Presidio2 Pro case. From the name, you might gather that the grip texture is Smartish’s big selling point with this case. There are also some other subtle features that make this a case that will amply protect your phone like a black belt when you drop it: protective air-pocket corners (think airbags for your iPhone) that absorb impact, a lay flat screen guard, and a raised wall surrounding your camera lenses to protect them from impact as well. This case comes in 6 different color/pattern options. At $14.99, this is the lowest price case on the list and a great value. For another $29.99 however, you can really kick the customization up a notch by adding text or even a photograph to your case. Whether you’re tight on funds (no shame there… the iPhone is not cheap), or you really want to merge your personality with your iPhone, this is the case for you. Get it at their website or, if you’d like a great deal on some limited customization for $24.99, check it out on Amazon.

Quad Lock Case

Are you the type of person that would rather be running, jumping, biking, and driving fast instead of sitting on the couch for hours playing some pointless iPhone game? If so, the Quad Lock case might be more your style. If you’re not familiar with Quad Lock, this brand is well known for their patented dual-stage mounting system. The case has the Quad Lock compatible locking system that will allow you to secure your iPhone to a variety of proprietary mounts, including new for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles, your car dashboard, your armband, your desk, your tripod, and more. Whatever your passion, bring your iPhone along. If you’re active, you’ll want this. Buy one on their website for as low as $29.95.

ElementCase Black Ops X3 Case

The ElementCase Black Ops X3 case is the perfect phone for you tactical, military-types. If your weekend hobbies include wrestling grizzlies and going on special op missions under the cover of night, this case turns your iPhone from metro to rugged manliness with CNC machined MIL-SPEC armored protection, an integrated and removable credit card/cash magazine, a protective sliding camera lens cover, a retractable kickstand, and more. This very masculine case is available on the ElementCase website, as well as on Amazon… but you’d better have deep pockets as this sells for $249.95.

OtterBox Defender Case

Clumsy much? If you’re always dropping your phone, you’ll quickly learn that OtterBox continues to live up to its reputation of rugged protection with its latest Defender case. This case can endure four times as many drops as the military standard and has raised edges to protect the camera and screen. Not only does it protect the iPhone from your particular brand of clumsy, port covers prevent dirt, dust, and lint from clogging up your jacks and ports. It’s compatible with 5G and is Qi wireless charging compatible. Drop on over (pun intended) to the OtterBox site or Amazon, where you’ll find this priced starting at $59.95

Gear4 Crystal Palace Case

Yes, the Gear4 Crystal Palace case is clear like crystal. What does that mean? It means that you can enjoy Apple’s iPhone 12’s elegant, beautiful aesthetics in all its glory. This is the perfect case to allow you to be a minimalist in terms of customization, while giving you the drop protection you need. Let’s face it… a shattered screen does not compliment the design. Gear4 offers superior drop resistance of up to 13 ft (4 m), thanks to the well-thought combination usage of D3O Crystalex, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (yes, as in bullet-proof glass). Even though you might absolutely love the look of your new iPhone 12, going without a protective case is not what it’s cracked up to be. Get the crystal clear Gear4 Crystal Palace case at Gear4 for $39.99 or save a little by getting it at Amazon for a slightly lower price.

UAG Metropolis LT Case

You take your business seriously. You may play hard on the weekend, but when Monday comes along is when you put on your real game face. Your sharp suits deems you worthy of respect among your colleagues… should your phone be consistent with that image? The UAG Metropolis LT case confirms to others that you mean business. People don’t see an iPhone 12 in your hand. They see a tool that complements your prowess and makes the statement that you’re to be taken seriously. The Metropolis LT, with three seamless material inlay to choose from, brings an elegant yet functional look to your phone. Not only is this a beauty, it meets military drop-test standards and is compatible with both MagSafe and Wireless Charging. You can find this refined case at Urban Armor Gear’s online store, as well at Amazon starting at $39.95.

Ekster Case

The Ekster case is a great choice if you are a minimalist who likes to travel abroad and wants the option of being able to add functionality as needed. Ekster chose a modular approach to its design. The actual base case is simple and understated, but this black beauty has a couple little secrets. It is magnetic and allows other accessories such as a magnetic folio or cardholder to be easily attached to it. Also, there is a handy little space within the case reserved for an emergency cash stash, an extra sim card, and a reset pin. This is very convenient for someone who lives or works in two different countries. A little carrying money never hurts, either. Get your fo $44 at

Case-Mate Case

Are you always ready to dance? Are you the life of the party? Is your mantra in life, “I gotta be me”? If so, Case-Mate makes the perfect case to equal your outgoing, flamboyant personality. They offer quite the collection of fun designs, one bound to “feel perfect” for you. With style names like Soap Bubble and Twinkle Ombre, your iPhone 12 will glitter like it’s 1999. These phones provide 10-foot drop protection, are wireless charging compatible, and come with a lifetime warranty. Most importantly, your reputation will remain intact. Prices start at $30 and go up from there. Find their collection on their website or on Amazon.

Pelican Case

If you own any high-cameras or other premium tech gear, likely you’re familiar with the Pelican brand. They make those practically indestructible padded cases for transporting said equipment, as well other popular items such as their Yeti-killer cooler and gun cases. It only makes sense that they also sell cases for your most valuable Every Day Carry… your brand new iPhone 12. True to Pelican form, these cases provide the best drop protection of the bunch… at, depending on which case you go with, an incredible 18 feet (5.5 m) or more! These rugged IP54 rated cases also protect from splashes, dust, dirt, and snow. If you’re exceptionally clumsier than the rest, “drop” on by the Pelican website or on Amazon and select the right case for you. Prices start at $29.99.

Labodet Case

Alright, all you fashionistas. If the words “french” and “leather” make you weak in the knees, you’ll feel like we saved the best case for last. Hard plastic cases – that’s so last season. This isn’t just some knock-off vinyl faux leather… it’s the real deal: Italian calf leather, alligator skin, even ostrich leather. Like all things couture, these beautiful premium cases will cost you a pretty penny on the official site… we’re talking a base price of $272 and going up from there. But hey, if your iPhone doesn’t look good, you don’t look good.

Burga iPhone 12 Case

If the only reason you don’t have your iPhone covered is that you hate carrying an ugly brick in your pocket, you should definitely check out Burga. Even though their cases are double-layered – soft silicone inside and hard shell outside – they are far from bulky. What’s more, Burga probably has the most stylish cases on the market. You don’t have to sacrifice looks for safety anymore. Raised bezels for camera and screen protection, glossy scratch-proof surface, and compatibility with other accessories. What do you need more?

Choose from more than 100 unique non-fading iPhone cases designs, and don’t forget to get a matching cover for your AirPods or Macbook. Visit or go straight to Amazon.

Belkin Screen Protector

No iPhone case article should ever go without a nod to the ever-so-valuable Belkin screen protector. Unless the case you select has it’s own screen protector, getting one from Belkin is not only a no-brainer, it should be mandatory. This industry-standard, best-in-market screen protector will save you from many a cracked screen. Don’t think about it; just get one. You can get the ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protector for your iPhone directly from Belkin for $39.99. You’ll find it on Amazon as well. If you don’t have the finesse or confidence to install it on your iPhone without ending up with a bunch of bubbles all over your screen, bring it on in to your local Apple store. They’ll hook you up with a free installation.

Which iPhone 12 Case Is “You”?

With your brand new iPhone 12 in hand, the last thing you want to do is drop it. Almost equally as evil is the thought of putting an ugly case on it that totally misrepresents who you are as a person! Picking the right one, however, is not always so easy. Do you want your phone to look cute? Tough? Elegant? How likely are you to drop it? What extra features can you not live without? What kind of statement do you want to make by the case you choose? We sincerely hope that you will find the perfect match for you from our list of our twenty most favorite iPhone 12 cases.

Which phone case is “you”? Why did you pick that particular case? Let us know in the comments below.


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