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My Portfolio

(I Have the Write Stuff.)

Is Content the Bane to Your Project’s Success? Are Your SEO Efforts Floundering?



No Problemo. Leave It to Me.

Captivating Content Marketing

Sure. Your project’s got good bones. But does it have the muscle? I can help you piece it all together. 

You need a content strategy that is well orchestrated and expertly executed.

You’re not an amateur.

You’re not playing games.

You need to dominate your market.

Go enjoy that beer. I’ve got this.

SEO Content & Traffic Strategies

“Build it and they will come”, they said.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you found out that, for the most part (and especially when you start), that statement is simply not true. 

Let’s change that.

I can put a huge spotlight on you and help you get a line out your door in a spiffy jiffy.


Copywriting & Conversion

It’s not just your message; it’s how you deliver it. You need to stand out.

While your competitors are screaming a shrill  and annoying “Look at me!”, I’ll turn your message into an addicting musical earworm and your target market into fans waving money at you.

You need to sell.

So, let’s sell.


Some Samples of My Work

Note:  Below are some samples I am allowed to share. I cannot share work publicly that is under NDA, ghost-wriitten, or special restrictions. Also, I have not presented any samples that are written under pen names. If you would like to see something on a specific topic, feel free to reach out and I’ll provide you with any applicable samples privately.

Please keep in mind that this portfolio is ongoing and, by no means, comprehensive. I try to add new items over time, but you know how that goes. 😉 Some of the work showcased here may also a little outdated, as I’ve tried to include work from throughout my career; so please know that I continue to grow in my skillset and some of the work below is not necessarily representative of my current and ever maturing abilities.

Thanks for understanding and I look forward to working with you!

Things to Sell,
Readers to Enlighten…

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